paper punches

by Ryan Sanchez-Webb

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okay. This isn't good


released September 17, 2016

all by me, recorded on my phone in my bedroom
album art by



all rights reserved


Ryan Sanchez-Webb Raleigh, North Carolina

I'm Ryan and I'm not that good at this.

hey book me my mom usually lets me play shows


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Track Name: paper punches
A rainy backyard where the cement is cracked
where another kid called me a retard
cause i dont know how to act
so i threw a rock right at his back

paper just like my hand
even when im gone
ill paint a pretty picture
where the other kid and I get along

the tall pine trees
don't call me names
they don't punch me
because I'm lame
paper just like my hand
even when im gone
ill paint a pretty picture
where the other kid and I get along

a heart shaped temporary tattoo
from you
anyways. that kid is such a tool
a bright blue playground
after school
I got pushed down cause im not cool

paper just like my hand
even when im gone
ill paint a pretty picture
where me and that kid have some fun

ill empty out my backpack
and take out my gun
ill forget about what i was gonna do
i promise, id never harm you
ill paint a pretty picture
a picture just of us two
you can call me a retard
and ill call you a tool
in a pretty picture of that bright blue
playground, just me and you
Track Name: shimmering ideals
I apologize for never being nice to you
i dont think i ever learned how to
i see a mirror in my sleep
where i fix you and you fix me too

talking to you can be like swimming
in the black sea
i forget to water my plants
and brush my teeth

I can't write back
and my cassette collection keeps getting bigger
pretentious and bitter

I cut up my clothes with scissors
and shave my hair with clippers
because i cant stand being real
walk with me and talk about things that make us feel
and find things to steal
in cold woods, made of shimmery ideals

You've never been nice to me
youll just never see
how great it can be
to be alone, and free
Track Name: dancing spindle heart
i feel like a million burning trees
i cant help but feel like you finally killed me
im sorry about the late birthday mix CD
I just find it so hard to be
ive got acid in my ears
and acid for tears
through my bloodshot eyes
i gotta say goodbye
to my future times
even if im left out
nobody will notice I doubt
i wish i had a place to call mine

I cant help but feel so lonely
whenever I check my phone
I lose all connections and disassociate
and eat away my bones
I feel a million burning trees
deep inside of me
dancing spindle heart
i ate too many carbs
i don't wanna be alone but please leave me be